Phronesis Partners Co., Ltd.


What is Phronesis

The ability to figure out the best behavior to deliver desired effects in any given moment.

フロネシス 知的美徳

“Phronesis” is one of three wisdoms proposed by Aristotle. Phronesis is a practical wisdom to figure out what to do in any given moment, address individual issue and change behavior objective as needed to deliver desired effects. It is the ability to rationally consider and decide how to achieve good ends consistent with good of the whole while being wise about ethics and knowing what is worth doing at an ever-changing situation. It relates to our approach to achieve the good of the whole “Not only supporting the portfolio companies to be “Good Companies” who continue the high earnings but also achieving "Good investment" to deliver the outstanding investment return to investors” in a ever – changing private equity industry.

Company Outline

Company Phronesis Partners Co., Ltd.
Establishment 5 March, 2013
Address Midtown Tower 18F, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-6218 Japan
Paid up Capital and Capital Reserve 75 million yen
Registered operator engaging in businesses specially permitted for qualified institutional Investor, etc. (Article 63 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act)
Management of private equity funds focusing on small cap buyout investments